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Developing Leadership Potential (a Dale Carnegie course)

  • Regional Learning Alliance Cranberry Township, PA (map)

For leaders of all tenures, focusing on essential skills that are needed to build strong teams and take charge. Includes a 3-day Immersive course in Pittsburgh or Cleveland PLUS 90-minute awareness and sustainment sessions PLUS 1 year of digital subscription for 5 supplementary courses.

It’s a trap!  We tend to promote our top performing employees into leadership positions.  We assume that a high-performance employee can immediately translate into a high-performance leader.  The fact is that the skills and mindset are completely different, and the transition can be difficult, and often results in failure. Making it even more difficult is having to manage former peers.   

Developing Leadership Potential goes beyond traditional leadership training programs because it focuses on the essential skills that are needed to build strong teams and equip new leaders with the right attitudes to step up and take charge.  This program is specifically designed to address the challenges that new leaders face, to help them change their mindset, and to give them confidence with proven strategies and tools that are used by the most successful leaders.

This program is designed to take top performers and turn them into the next generation of leaders.

Program Objectives:

  • Convey honesty, integrity and accountability

  • Use authority and influence appropriately

  • Increase self-awareness 

  • Model effective interpersonal communication

Focused on the following Leadership Competencies:

·      Honesty & Integrity             

·      Self-Aware  

·      Positively Influences Others

·      Inspiring                             

·      Others-Focused                  

·      Accountable

·      Competent

·      Uses Authority Appropriate

·      Develops Self

·      Develops Others

·      Effective Communicator      

·      Confident

·      Self-Directed                       

·      Self-Regulates


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