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Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning With Relationship Selling

  • Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (map)

Today’s most effective sales professionals are forging essential relationships with their clients to ensure long-term, positive results.

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Smoke and mirrors are a thing of the past. Before an experienced sales professional ever crosses their client’s threshold, they know the client is armed with facts. They have explored your website. They know pricing; they have read your company’s reviews; they are prepared. So where does the sales person fit in?

It’s simple. High-performing sales professionals are doing something that the Internet cannot do. They are building relationships. They are passionate and committed to the success of their client. They understand that enduring relationships are the key to positive outcomes for all. And true relationships build loyalty and referrals, resulting in a lucrative pipeline and ultimately catapulting sales professionals over their quotas and goals.

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Winning With Relationship Selling will show you how to forge those essential, positive relationships.

What We Will Cover

  • Maximizing sales by building client relationships

  • Creating beneficial connections that expand your network

  • How collaboration leads to commitment

  • How relationships create loyalty for you and value for your clients

  • Communicating your value with confidence and ease

  • Effectively managing hesitation by building confidence and belief in your abilities

Learn How To

  • Establish goals for personal and professional success

  • Build a dynamic and confident attitude

  • Identify the best prospecting methods to maintain an unlimited pipeline

  • Form essential relationships required for long-term benefits

  • Develop active listening skills to identify opportunities and minimize challenges

  • Establish credibility and communicate your value

  • Use social media to expand your networking influence

  • Develop crucial questions to reveal customer needs

  • Create interest by describing an individual and customer-centric solution

Who Should Attend

All sales professionals who want to achieve higher results through stronger relationships.

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