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The 360-degree Sales MMachine MMasterclass

  • ProVerify Conference Center 116 Boulevard of the Allies Pittsburgh, PA, 15222 United States (map)

The 360-degree Sales MMachine MMasterclass:

Building Your Consistent, Repeatable, Scalable Sales Machine

It’s a fun, useful workshop series for leaders of sales and those with vested interest in thriving customer acquisition and revenue stream.

Mike Callaghan, VP of Population Health Innovations shares his experiences with MMasters' Sales MMachine MMasterclass ("Building a Consistent Repeatable Scalable Sales MMachine")


Thanks to PLSG, CMU, University of Pittsburgh, AlphaLab Gear & Founders Institute for your terrific support and for putting budding entrepreneurs into our MMasterclass to exchange ideas with the seasoned professionals.

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Although sales is often considered the domain of the master talker, it’s really a combination of art & science, which put together allow the company to accelerate their client attainment, grow their revenue, and obtain maximum impact from their sales teams.  To attain and sustain this maximum impact, you must create a consistent, repeatable, scalable process and support it with effective sales strategy, skills, tools & leadership – we call this The 360°Sales Machine™


The most successful sales teams are those that recognize what works & what doesn’t – who use consistent, repeatable processes and whose leaders help provide the focus on key objectives.  

In this Masterclass, skilled, experienced sales leaders and practitioners will outline the key elements of your 360-degree sales machine, show you how to put them together, and guide you through key tactics to make them work promptly and for an enduring time.

The series consists of four modules, each meant to help sales leaders guide their teams to achieving high sales results consistently.  It starts with a mentored hands-on session to determine the gaps you have in your current sales processes, and operations; then builds on that to help you better lead your team and use tools that will help you and your team be most effective. 

Module 1:       Gap Analysis of the way you do sales now

Module 2:       Guiding your sales team consistently with best practices

Module 3:       Sales tools – enhancing how you use them; tools you should add

Module 4:       Sustainment & fine-tuning



Combination of live in-person sessions and web-sessions allow you to get the benefit of in-person meetings with the flexibility to deal with your busy schedule — even if you travel often. We also build in a few “off-weeks” with no scheduled sessions.

Our Winter 2019 cohort is closed. Please use our contact form below to learn about upcoming MMasterclass opportunities.

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