Learning Objectives - Sales MMachine MMasterclass

  • Determine the gaps between how you do sales now and what you need to do for maximum effectiveness.

  • Learn how “hero sales” deceives you and adversely impacts your sales strategies, tactics and attainment

  • Uncover how to develop a more realistic sales growth plan that investors and executives realize is more believable as well

  • Understand how you should grow your sales team to meet your goals, including the metrics that make or break sales team hiring decisions

  • Learn best practices to lead your team on a quarterly and weekly basis to get the most from the people you have

  • Discover the breadth of sales compensation models that can be combined to create maximum incentives for each sales person and help retain your best sales talent

  • Get insights to various types of tools that you can use within your sales process including how to make them your own

  • Discover how to sustain momentum with your sales programs and initiatives

  • Determine how the current skill levels of you and your current team match to your needs and how you need to supplement them to thrive