How it works

We recognize that your time as executive or entrepreneur is valuable and that you travel often.  So we conduct the sessions over 10 weeks (September 9, 2019 through November 11, 2019).

  • Three of them are full 3.5 hour sessions,

  • The rest of them are 90-minute lunch-&-learns.  (Think of it like your college courses, where you had lectures and break-outs.)

You can take all sessions live online; they’ll happen on Tuesdays – or if you’re near Pittsburgh or Cleveland, you can join us in our live classrooms (at no additional charge).

Our goal is to give you the highest attainment with the lowest impact on your schedule.  You can schedule your

These sessions include instructor led discussions as well as tools and exercises that you’ll use interactively – so you’ll be able to ask questions and learn from the experiences of other participants. 

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