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Thriving in a World of Information Overload

Never before in history have we been bombarded with so much information. And the information load continues to increase as more people use technology to share information. Despite the grim outlook of lives that are connected 24 hours by cell phone, email, fax, and other technologies, there are ways to thrive, be more productive, reduce stress, and enhance your lifestyle.

Topic discussed:

  • The most devious ways that technology steals our time
  • The email conundrum and how to deal with it
  • Spam, Spam, Spam - it never stops; unless you use simple tricks
  • The trade-offs caused by communications, politics, customer support, and keeping your head above water
  • Choosing and prioritizing your communications for optimum effectiveness
  • Bigger databases and how to tame them

The choice is yours. Let information overload stress you and drain your productivity. Or let us help you overcome the problems related to too much information being pushed at you by technology. In this high impact, high energy program, we will provide new steps you can take to ease the load for greater productivity and comfort, and reminders of the steps you already know that you're not taking now.

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