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Making a Bigger Impact with your Internet Marketing

Internet marketing success varies widely. Some companies throw lots of money at their Internet marketing projects only to attain mediocre results. Other companies are frugal, yet achieve success well beyond their means. The differences come from their attention to key details and how they measure and enhance their activities.

Topics Discussed:

  • Eliminate the snags that decrease the sales-effectiveness of Internet-related endeavors
  • Uncover the secrets to search engine listings
  • Increase your conversion rates so more people buy
  • Learn the tricks that successful Internet marketers use to maintain their edge
  • Use key metrics to measure your programs so you can increase their success
  • Discover the tradeoffs that impact your Internet program
  • Look beyond your web site so you can perform revenue enhancing actions

Making a Bigger Impact with your Internet Marketing focuses on the sales, marketing, and customer support related actions that most heavily impact your top and bottom lines. In this high energy program, David shares the details that he has learned as an Internet pioneer and in his involvement with several of the most successful Internet launches in history. He minces no words; and is willing to disagree with common wisdom to make sure that you get information that gives you the edge.

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