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Using Technology to

Turn a Sales Person into a Sales FORCE

Different sales people react differently to technology. Some are scared, and shy away from their computers even though their computers can help immensely to get sales, increase attainment, and maintain customer relations. Others are so computer literate that they get bogged down and hurt their sales productivity. Using Technology to Turn a Sales Person into a Sales FORCE helps both groups by providing insightful ways to use your desktop system in the sales environment.

  • Uncover the deceptive ways that your computer keeps you from reaching your goals
  • Learn how to put your most important computer-based tasks within a click or two
  • Find out how to communicate more often with your customer while creating a terrific lasting impression
  • Learn 5 important ways to improve your sales attainment by properly utilizing that box on your desk and on the road.
  • Differentiate between the computer-based activities that increase your revenue attainment, and those that drain your resources

Using Technology to Turn a Sales Person into a Sales FORCE aims squarely at the people who make revenue happen at your organization - sales people and managers; computer challenged users and technology sophisticates alike. In this high energy program, We provide expert level information in ways that even novices can understand. Your team will exit the session with new ideas and a strong yearning to use them now.

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