More Sales - Less Sales Mishaps

The goals:

  • Increase revenue from current customers.
  • Find real prospects and convince them to become customers.
  • Decrease the cost of sales.

The challenges that affect your ability to reach those goals:

  • Not enough face time with the customer.
  • Communications that don't get the point across.
  • Not being there when the prospect is ready to buy.

Why it happens:

Very often, the factors that keep you from optimizing sales are computer related.

  • Sales people who shy away from their computers because they are afraid or uncomfortable with using them.
  • Sales people who spend too much time tinkering with their computers - instead of on productive sales related tasks.
  • Lack of knowledge or inclination to use desktop software tools to communicate better, more often, or maintain client information that can push the sale through the cycle.

The solution: Personalized coaching and seminars that unlock the power of the PC for sales.

Instead of putting up with unproductive sales teams or revenue that should be - but doesn't happen, unlock the tools that you already have on your desks using individualized coaching and small group seminars.


  • Helps your sales team manage their time better so they can spend it with customers and prospects.
  • Helps your sales team reach more prospects more quickly without adding time to their day.
  • Elevates the quality of your communications - because your customers know they are important to you - because you prove it in the way you talk with them.
  • Makes sure that important actions items don't slip through the cracks resulting in lost sales.

Our approach:

We don't teach out of a book. We first listen to your specific selling challenges, learn about your skill levels, and determine which tools (often already in your possession) will have the greatest impact on your sales.

Then we work on the items that give you the greatest return on your time, giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Typically we do it in short sessions that don't distract your sales team from their critical mission. This lets them pay maximum attention to your customers.

We don't send "trainers". We send people who have been in the field - and who understand the real challenges of sales people - because we've been in their shoes. It's not hypothetical for us. We've sold - even at record setting pace.

Our approach works for both the computer-savvy and the computer-challenged. The first group sees first hand where they are wasting time, and obtains tips that can increase their sales production. The second group finds out how simple computer-based activities can increase their incomes. (We get their attention - and keep it.)

The approach also works with administrative staff and support personnel.

The tools:

While we're ready to work with you to better utilize many tools that help sales forces, the tools that typically get attention first are:

  • Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft Office or WordPerfect Suite
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (such as Microsoft CRM, Act!, Salesforce.com or GoldMine)
  • Microsoft Windows

Why these?

Because these tools unleash amazing capabilities for the typical sales person -

  • Personalized letters that can be sent to multiple prospects simultaneously - showing that you are looking after them, without creating a time drain
  • Time management capabilities that help focus your people without creating lots of extra work
  • Client management to make sure that each prospect and customer is well serviced, without important items dropping through the cracks
  • Because small tips and tricks on these products can reduce stress, increase productivity, and pay off handsomely - for the sales person and the company
  • Because in many cases, these tools are already there - making it unnecessary to purchase new tools

Learn more about how we can help you increase sales, decrease waste, and reduce stress. Call 412-531-4270 or send email to david.salescoachmm061201@spamslicer.com

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