Increased Profits For Professional Services Organizations

The goal: To increase revenue from existing customers and new prospects for your law firm, accounting firm, investment advisory, stock brokerage, or other professional services organization.

The challenge: To take advantage of the opportunities that are within your reach.

Typically, these opportunities are in existing accounts or in accounts with whom your partners or associates already have relationships. But your partners and associates may be reluctant to or unable to embrace the opportunities - due to many factors, including lack of time, inability to use their sales tools, or aversion to being looked at as a sales person.

But it doesn't have to be that way. In most cases, simple steps can make your professionals more willing and able to embrace the sales concept. And we'd be happy to help you make it happen.

With 20+ years of experience in increasing sales of services and non-tangible products, we can help your entire team build stronger relationships and find new business in existing accounts. we can show them how to better use the tools they already have - to be more productive during the day so they can better balance their time between performing billable hours, and finding new billable projects.

Usually our technique uses seminars, lunch-&-learn sessions and individual coaching to create a customized program for each client.

If you're interested in pursuing higher revenue and productivity by enhancing the sales-ability of your whole professional team, please give us a call at 412-531-4270. Or send email to david.profsvcsmm2006121@spamslicer.com

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