Marketing Consulting

M. Masters Corporation provides strategic and tactical consulting to companies looking to launch products or to get their products to the next level of revenue and profitability. Our consultants are well versed in marketing, sales, operations, and finance to provide a unique total company perspective to your strategies and tactics. Typical consulting projects include:
  • Marketing strategies that leverage your existing capabilities into new markets or to further penetrate existing markets

  • Sales-driven marketing strategies that make your existing sales force more potent

  • Marketing-driven sales strategies that help your sales people achieve higher revenue attainment and increased profitability

  • Creation and execution of seminar programs that hit your target audiences and leverage the time of your sales team.

  • Marketing support including

    • Strategic public relations for complex products (or into difficult markets)

    • Direct marketing support that opens doors or reaches difficult to reach audiences

    • Media plans that get the most bang for your media dollars

  • SWAT Team approach - in which we work with you to identify weaknesses in your marketing approach and ways that you can reduce the weaknesses and improve your total marketing/sales attainment.

  • Web strategies and management - our consultants have helped launch several of the most successful web sites, products and services in the world. We can help you too - by providing direction - or helping you critically evaluate your current web offerings to improve how they serve your target audience.
Clients include: Apple Computer, Dell Computer, Logitech, Motorola, NCD, Verizon, WordPerfect, and other companies - both large and small

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